viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Caja abierta 128: Dragon Rampant

Illustration I did the past year for OSPREY GAMES. This illustration is one the my two works in the book 'Dragon Rampant' for Fantasy Wargaming Rules' collection. My other illustration in this book is 'Ogres versus Hobbits'.
This year I'm also working on project for Osprey Games, and I have just finished the past month my fourth project for Osprey Adventures. I'm happy continuing to work for Osprey. I hope for long time.
Some sketches or concept arts I did for an illustration of Dragon Rampant' book, which Osprey Publishing will publish the 20th of this month. The book belongs to 'Fantasy Wargaming Rules' collection of OSPREY GAMES.
If you wat to buy the book, visit OSPREY website.

illustration of Dragon Rampant book, done by RU-MOR for OSPREY Games, fantasy wargame, 'Fantasy Wargaming Rules' collection, Osprey Publishing, dwarves goblins battle

I would like to continue remenbering, in case you are interested, If you are player of fantasy football, you could be interested in The 'BlitzZone'. Visit its campaign in Kickstarter to obtain more information. (the link in below picture).

fantasy football pitch-case BlitzZone of Keconomicon in kickstarter, with collaboration of RU-MOR on project, blood bowl, miniatures

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