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Caja abierta 130: DARK OSPREY. Bug Hunts (part I)

Long time ago I don't write on my blog. This has been a busier year and I haven't got time for other things. I have a lot of work for showing, there are other I can't show.
The artwork I show you below is for a project of DARK OSPREY (serie of OSPREY Adventures). I showed some detail WIPs when I was working on it on my Social networks, and after this a post here.
Now you can see one of illustrations of this project on this post, and I will go showing other illustrations I can share on other next posts. The pictures I've prepared are differents processes of the illustrations.
The project is a book called 'Bug Hunts: Surviving and Combating the Alien Menace'. Long time ago it is on sale on OSPREY website.
And I hope you like the illustration and processes. These were my first digital inked works with Clip Studio. 

illustration of Bug Hunts book, done by RU-MOR for OSPREY Adventures, sci-fi wargame, 'Dark Osprey' collection, Osprey Publishing, alien, bug, star marines, army, space guns

The next month, Osprey Adventures will publish another book with my illustrations, 14 illustrations in colour and 26 in black&white. I enjoyed working on it, my first Cthulhu creatures and Roman Empire (and more).
I hope back soon with more work to show.

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